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Sleep Talk | An interview with Morgan Norvell

Posted by Mei-Mei Moon on
Morgan Norvell of Budding Lotus Meditation

Meditation for everyone, everywhere. That's the mantra of Morgan Norvell, owner and founder of Budding Lotus Meditation. We couldn't agree more so we caught up with Morgan to find out more about the links between meditation, mindfulness and rest and her top tips for getting a great night's sleep. 

Tell us a little about Budding Lotus and how you got started.

I started Budding Lotus Meditation in Sept of 2020, after coming to two realizations. The first being that meditation is the only type of 9 to 5 I’m interested in doing. The second realization was that I wasn’t receiving the level of appreciation I deserved and it was time for me to move on and build myself a new foundation, where I could be appreciated. 

Budding Lotus Meditation’s offerings center around giving people the space and confidence to care for their mental health at their place of employment. There is a lot of stress that is created at work and people are just expected to carry that with them. I believe meditation and mindfulness in the workplace can be a solution to helping people have clear hearts and minds; leading to happier people and workplaces. 

What’s the relationship between sleep, rest, and mindfulness?

The way I think of it is that there are different stages of relaxation in our bodies. Mindfulness is the beginning and often the most overlooked since it is not demanded the way that sleep is. When we make time for mindfulness we give our mind and nervous system the chance to return to a neutral state. This familiarity with neutrality lends itself to a more active rest that leaves us feeling empowered rather than robbed of our time by our thoughts and emotions. 

When we successfully practice mindfulness and actively rest, sleep becomes easier. It starts with the basics and is why I believe many people have trouble sleeping since the foundation isn't there. An established mindfulness and meditation practice is crucial and allows for you to transcend all stages of rest and relaxation.  

What are your top three tips to help people get the best nights’ rest?

  1. Write down every racing thought so your mind can rest and you can relieve yourself of any stress and worry.
  2. Speak kindly to yourself. Your last thoughts of the day should be compassionate and loving NOT harsh and critical. You are trying your best and did all that you could and that is more than enough.
  3. Put your phone away so you’re not tempted to pick it back up. Don't bamboozle your thoughts with the chaos of the outside world.

What helps you to relax and prepare for a good night’s sleep? Do you have a regular routine?

I shower at night so before I get in the shower I turn off my overhead lights and turn on my lamps so my room is cozy. In the shower I dim the lights in my bathroom (unless I’m shaving!) and turn on a playlist.

I make an effort to not skip any steps in my routine and allow myself to take my time. I am really particular about my room set up when it's time for bed and need it to be completely dark and cold. All of these steps and details signal to me that it's time for bed while giving me a 1 hour buffer between my phone and bed time. 

Are you a night owl or an early bird?

Night owl! 

What’s next for Budding Lotus?

I hope for more stability since Budding Lotus is barely 2 yrs old and was started in the middle of a global pandemic. I’d  like to reach a place of consistency and constants.  With the right opportunities I can see Budding Lotus becoming bigger than even Headspace and Calm; influencing not only corporate culture but also how we view one another and our collective mental state. I want big things for Budding Lotus and hope that I can guide us to a place where I can do the most good.

Sink into sleep with Morgan's guided sleep meditation, recorded especially for Mei-Mei Moon. Designed for children and adults alike. 

You can follow Morgan on Instagram @budding.lotus 

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